Music Path

Music Path is a drum center located in San Po Kong, Kowloon. We believe by sharing our experience with students and helping them set and achieve goals through motivation, students will be able to experience the joy of drumming and develop their interest and skills in drumming and music. 

Through the use of a step-by-step teaching system, we focus on helping students to first build a foundation in basic techniques, and then apply such techniques in different types of music genres.  Music Path is a great place for you to learn and experience the joy of drumming!

Goal-oriented learning

We believe the key to successful music education lies not only in the teaching of techniques through a step-by-step teaching system, but also the sharing of experience and provision of encouragement and guidance by our instructors.  At Music Path, students are given the opportunity to play a wide range of songs and technical exercises. Drums and cajons are easy to pick up even for those who do not have any experience in learning musical instruments. Through drumming and playing the cajon, students will develop their rhythmic sense and hand-foot coordination.

Why Music Path

Unique teaching system, diversified teaching materials, bespoke lessons


Over 400 drum scores in different grades

Unique teaching system


High quality teaching through the use of 2 drum sets in every lesson

Customisable learning goals

Our lessons

Music Path provides drum and cajon lessons, including private one on one lessons, group lessons (groups of 2 or 3) and training in worship drumming. 

Drum lessons

Goal-oriented. Songs from different exam boards, hymns, pop songs, rock songs, etc. Our unique system allows students to learn step by step. Our music tutors are experienced and are keen to provide guidance to ensure students progress swiftly and easily.

Cajon lessons

Cajons are small, easy to use and transportable, allowing students to practise at home. A large database of teaching materials to help students master basic skills. 

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